Carved Solutions 1-Year Supply Custom Soap Bars

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Carved Solutions 1-Year Supply Custom Soap Bars

30 custom bars carved with the initial of your desire. Satisfy your addiction or spoil them all year long! Packed in our gorgeous thyme & hemlock keepsake boxes.

Enter the initial you would like carved and select font style to customize your order.

Soap Description: 100% Vegetable Based, Triple-Milled for Luxurious Lather, Freshest Personalized Soap in the Marketplace, Warm White Décor Complimenting Color, Gentle yet Intoxicating Aqua Mineral Scent(water-based fragrance: excellent for sensitive skin and noses).

Carving Technique: Deep, crisp, defined! Nothing else even comes close. The detail will impress time and time again!

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* Product ships within 4 to 7 business days