Carved Solutions Pure Energy {vt} Forever Charms & Bangles : Crown

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Carved Solutions Pure Energy {vt} Forever Charms & Bangles : Crown

Perfect for the person in your life who inspires, leads, and guides with her grace and feminine charm. Adorn her with our Royal Crown as a sign of your loyalty and admiration. Allow it to remind her everyday how deserving of royal treatment she is.

Introducing Carved Solutions newest addition ~ Pure|Energy {vt} ... Forever Charms & Bangles! If it’s a moment worth keeping it’s a moment to treasure forever! Carved Solutions is thrilled to share with you Pure|Energy{vt} Forever Charms & Bangles. Each charm is individually handcrafted by our in-house jewelers using only the finest materials. Argentium .935 Sterling Silver is eco-source certified, nickel free and shines with the brilliance of platinum. Paired with our adjustable .925 sterling silver bangle creates an heirloom keepsake meant to last. Just like everything else we do they are made with from Vermont!

* Product ships within 4 to 7 business days