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Travisdavid owner, Lara GraceTravis, studied Interior Design at Parson’s, the New School for Design in New York, and currently devotes herself to Interior Design Projects for her clientele. Her knowledge and love for Interior Design enables her to choose the finest products to make available to her clients.  

After 15 years of providing wonderful surroundings to clients, Lara wanted to reach out to the world and share her unique vision for beautiful things. As so many parents have in common, she also wanted to spend less time traveling so much for the industry and spend more time with her daughter, Grace. Her amazing little girl is the love of her life and has already shown her mother’s creativity and intellect with her own artwork, “Diggity Dog” and his adventures. 

Lara on her business model; “Being in this industry as long as I have, I’ve seen many styles and trends come and go.  I've also watched timeless pieces and accessories remain a staple in one’s home that so many still adore.  That's where the idea for my business started; beautiful surroundings that will remain more classic than the trend - and with that premise in mind, a focus on quality and attention to detail, these products I hand-pick, really have a shine and a place in the heart.  We ask you to compare the piece before the price, and from there, it will be our mission to bring you products of highest quality that will remain ageless in your environment, or as a gift.”  

~ Lara Travis

For your added satisfaction, if you do find a product for less please bring it to our attention by contacting us here and we will do our best to match the price for you. We want you to shop confidently, knowing we will work hard for your business and your hard-earned money!

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