Whether it’s dirty little hands, muddy paws, or a spilled glass of wine, life’s everyday messes happen. LiveSmart fabrics resist the stains made by these everyday accidents. With their moisture repellency and stain resistance, LiveSmart fabrics keep your furniture looking and feeling as beautiful as the day you bought it.

LiveSmart fabrics are produced exclusively with low denier performance yarns that are encapsulated with a stain and moisture repellent finish. Spills bead up on the surface of the fabric instead of penetrating into the cushion. With their unsurpassed cleanability, LiveSmart fabrics let you relax. LiveSmart by Culp is an array of coordinated fabrics and colors that are designed to look as good as they perform.

LiveSmart fabrics are not only soft to the touch but are also completely breathable. This is due to the unique finishing technology we use that causes surface tension on the face of the fabric that repels liquid but allows air to pass through freely. LiveSmart fabric contains no harmful chemicals so it is safe for pets, children and everyone else in the family!

Download the PDF for additional information: Live Smart Performance Fabric PDF