Pom Pom At Home

Pom Pom at Home

Pom Pom at Home, the Belgian inspired line, was created through the discovery of vintage linens and antiques that the designer and CEO, Hilde Leiaghat would come across at flea markets with her father. Gentleness, romanticism, and peaceful memories are what this line is derived from. This Fine linen line is based on the principle of keeping its primary fiber 100% natural linen. By using all natural linen, it makes it more eco friendly and less impactful on the Earth. By using flax plants, in which linen is derived from, its footprint on Earth is much smaller due to the tremendously less amounts of water and fertilizers, compared to other plants that are used in clothing and bedding manufacturing. 100% natural linen is also known for its longevity out of all plant-based fibers. Not only does Pom Pom at Home products only derive from 100% natural linen, some products are cotton-based but adhere to strict environmental standards. Pom Pom at Home further shows their commitment to sustainability by providing synthetic and harmful substance free cotton products. All of their products are derived from a moral, conscious, sustainable, and ethical approach!